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And it was really not great. But I think it was interesting. And in the course of drawing/writing it I learned loads.

While cleaning through my art morgue tonight, I found a few pages of art from it and decided, that since no one ever saw the finished thing I would post it to one of my sites. Not to the main site where I send people to view my portfolio, but my secondary site that I started for my stories. I do hope to post some others. The later ones had far better art if not plots.

So I present to you, the thing that ate my life, took me away from sculpting (except as a day job). Here you can lay your blame, see how bad a cartoonist I am, or just read some overwrought teen romance crap with some violence and demons tossed in.

I rewrote it after I finished the first version. And I drew six pages of art for the new version that are far better than the first. You can see those also, here, and tell that I did improve. A little.

I'm posting the pages in batches. There are a few up tonight. I am running them through Adobe Illustrator which strips off most of the zip tones and grey scale paint but does leave the text readable which Photoshop would not.

My comics site:
Direct link to the stories page:

My guess is no one is going to read this, so lets just say it's here because I wanted to tell someone that it's out there.
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Ruins by *angeldevilland on deviantART
adpuchalski: Mine. (Default)

Ride by *angeldevilland on deviantART

Party Girl by *angeldevilland on deviantART

The videos are Work-For-Hire, the random comic art is just for my own entertainment.
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A Wild Ride through the Night - Walter Moers

Gogo Monster - Taiyo Matsumoto (best packaging design since the Moomin comics)
The Ice Wanderer - Jiro Taniguchi (because I liked his crime noir stuff)

The Ladies of Grace Adieu - Susanna Clarke

Dungeon (Donjon) Zenith vol 2 - Joann Sfar and Lewis Trondheim (making my way through the entire series) - Quite good, though I read Zenith out of order and have already read the book that follows this one.

B.P.R.D. vols 5&6 - Mignola, Arcudi and Davis (making my way through the Hellboy lexicon) - I rather think I prefer BPRD to Hellboy. Or anyway, I liked these two volumes rather a lot.

Moomin the collected comics books 4 - Tove Jansson


Shaun of the Dead - Still as funny as it ever was, not to mention being a damn good zombie film. Enjoyed both the director's commentary track and the actors' as well. A bit redundant because Pegg is on both tracks trying very hard not to say exactly the same things but sometimes doing it anyway.

B13 Ultimatum _ I am quite a fan of the first B13. It's lovely to watch David Bell defy gravity. However, B13U is a new director (no doubt some other Luc Besson prodigy) and while it is still stylish, the stunts aren't framed as stunningly. Pierre Morel has moved on to bigger and better films with bigger and better stupid hollywood casting. Patrick Alessandrin hardly seems up to the task of filling such big shoes. My print had deplorable subtitles which may have made the goofy script seem even sillier (why do people keep calling Bell's character a "kid?" The man is older than I am!). All in all, it was a quite entertaining bit of stylish action of the Besson school, and I'll be curious to see the official english language cut when it surfaces here later in the year. French action films always leave me wanting more of the same -- with any luck Timor Bekmematov will come out with some new, mind blowing confection to fill that void.


The legend of Yeti Gonzales - Yeti

Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, Origin of Symmetry - Muse

Ooparts - The Pillows - Exactly what one would expect from The Pillows, guitar-pop-rock thing with all their low-fi style. I think cutting two Predators albums must have rubbed off on Yamanaka-san though, as this is a bit more heavy that the last two Pillows discs. Um, that's a good thing.

The Future - Leonard Cohen - I think this is my favorite complete album fro Mister Cohen. Sure there are classic cuts far better known, but as a complete composition, The Future is pretty hard-hitting. Also the first Cohen album I ever bought new, year back, but never re-bought on disc. Now I have it.

Elecrtic Rays - Assorted artists including The Pillows - bit hit and miss, but The Pillows are excellent and Noodle is fun. THe rest is fine if a bit forgettable, that said one of those same forgettable bends will now stick in my head and become my next big obsession...


Reya sketch by *angeldevilland on deviantART

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