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And it was really not great. But I think it was interesting. And in the course of drawing/writing it I learned loads.

While cleaning through my art morgue tonight, I found a few pages of art from it and decided, that since no one ever saw the finished thing I would post it to one of my sites. Not to the main site where I send people to view my portfolio, but my secondary site that I started for my stories. I do hope to post some others. The later ones had far better art if not plots.

So I present to you, the thing that ate my life, took me away from sculpting (except as a day job). Here you can lay your blame, see how bad a cartoonist I am, or just read some overwrought teen romance crap with some violence and demons tossed in.

I rewrote it after I finished the first version. And I drew six pages of art for the new version that are far better than the first. You can see those also, here, and tell that I did improve. A little.

I'm posting the pages in batches. There are a few up tonight. I am running them through Adobe Illustrator which strips off most of the zip tones and grey scale paint but does leave the text readable which Photoshop would not.

My comics site:
Direct link to the stories page:

My guess is no one is going to read this, so lets just say it's here because I wanted to tell someone that it's out there.
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